List of clothing products at a retail store

Integrate the 'List of clothing products at a retail store' API instantly with your project to quickly start building on an products API.

Mock API Description

A "list of clothing products in a retail store" mock API is a software interface that developers can use to simulate the behavior of a retail store's clothing product catalog. The API provides endpoints for retrieving a list of clothing products, along with associated information such as the product ID, name, description, price, size, color, and any other relevant information. The response from the API is typically in a structured and easily readable format, allowing developers to test and validate their applications without connecting to a real retail store's product catalog. Additionally, the mock API can be used to generate sample clothing product data for testing purposes. The API may also include endpoints for adding, removing, or updating clothing product items in the catalog.

Use the API

Available Endpoints

GET    /clothing_products
GET    /clothing_products/1
POST   /clothing_products
PUT    /clothing_products/1
PATCH  /clothing_products/1
DELETE /clothing_products/1

Underlying Data

1Men's T-shirtMen's ClothingSBlue$20.0010
2Women's Skinny JeansWomen's ClothingMBlack$50.0015
3Kids' HoodieKids' ClothingLRed$30.0020
4Men's Polo ShirtMen's ClothingXLGreen$25.005
5Women's Maxi DressWomen's ClothingSPurple$60.0010
6Kids' T-shirtKids' ClothingXSYellow$15.0025
7Men's Cargo ShortsMen's Clothing32Khaki$35.007
8Women's BlouseWomen's ClothingLWhite$40.0012
9Kids' JeansKids' ClothingMBlue$25.0018
10Men's Leather JacketMen's ClothingXLBlack$150.003
11Women's Denim ShortsWomen's ClothingSBlue$35.008
12Kids' SweatshirtKids' ClothingLGrey$20.0020
13Men's Button Down ShirtMen's ClothingLRed$30.0010
14Women's Crop TopWomen's ClothingXSPink$25.0015
15Kids' LeggingsKids' ClothingXSPurple$18.0022
16Men's Chino PantsMen's Clothing34Navy$40.006
17Women's SweaterWomen's ClothingMBrown$45.0010
18Kids' Pajama SetKids' ClothingSGreen$30.0016
19Men's Graphic T-shirtMen's ClothingMGrey$20.008
20Women's High Waisted ShortsWomen's ClothingLBlack$35.005
21Kids' DressKids' ClothingMYellow$40.0012
22Men's SweatpantsMen's ClothingXLBlack$30.0010
23Women's Tank TopWomen's ClothingSWhite$15.0020
24Kids' SwimsuitKids' ClothingXSBlue$25.0015
25Men's Dress ShoesMen's Shoes10Brown$80.004
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