List of items at a grocery store

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Mock API Description

A mock grocery store API is a software interface that enables developers to create, test, and simulate a grocery store's inventory management system. The API provides a set of endpoints for users to perform operations such as retrieving a list of items available in the store, checking item stock levels, and adding or removing items from the inventory. The API response typically includes details about the items, such as name, price, quantity, brand, and any other relevant information. Developers can use the mock API to test and validate their grocery store inventory management system without connecting to a real grocery store.

Use the API

Available Endpoints

GET    /grocery_items
GET    /grocery_items/1
POST   /grocery_items
PUT    /grocery_items/1
PATCH  /grocery_items/1
DELETE /grocery_items/1

Underlying Data

1ApplesFruit$1.5010GalaAisle 3
2BananasFruit$0.5015ChiquitaAisle 3
3BroccoliVegetables$2.008Green GiantAisle 5
4CarrotsVegetables$1.2512Bolthouse FarmsAisle 5
5EggsDairy$2.5024Eggland's BestAisle 2
6MilkDairy$3.001Organic ValleyAisle 2
7BreadBakery$2.001Nature's OwnAisle 1
8ButterDairy$2.501Land O'LakesAisle 2
9CheeseDairy$4.001TillamookAisle 2
10ChickenMeat$8.004PerdueAisle 4
11Ground BeefMeat$5.502Laura's Lean BeefAisle 4
12Pork ChopsMeat$10.006SmithfieldAisle 4
13SalmonSeafood$12.002Bumble BeeAisle 6
14TunaCanned Goods$1.504Chicken of the SeaAisle 7
15Peanut ButterNut Butters$3.501JifAisle 8
16JellyCondiments$2.001Smucker'sAisle 8
17PastaDry Goods$1.006BarillaAisle 9
18RiceDry Goods$2.501Uncle Ben'sAisle 9
19CerealBreakfast Foods$3.001CheeriosAisle 10
20OatmealBreakfast Foods$2.501QuakerAisle 10
21ChipsSnacks$3.501Lay'sAisle 11
22SodaBeverages$1.506Coca-ColaAisle 12
23WaterBeverages$1.0024DasaniAisle 12
24BeerAlcohol$10.0012BudsAisle 13
25WineAlcohol$15.001BarefootAisle 13
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